We are taking steps to support a more sustainable future with our DNA Sustainable Collection. These products are built from organic and upcycled materials that will leave you and the planet feeling good.

This Was A Bottle!

We are working hard to do our part with a sustainable footwear alternative that: 

  • REDUCES: By using organic materials, we reduce the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers.
  • REUSES: We upcycle textiles, garments and plastic bottles in our products that would otherwise be treated as waste.
  • REPRESENTS: Our eco-friendly footwear gives new life and new value to recycled and organic materials. 

The team at DNA Footwear recognizes that there is still much more to be done in the footwear and fashion industries for building a more sustainable marketplace. That is exactly why we continue our research every day to become more educated and take the necessary steps towards innovating our products and production.