Introducing DNA Sustainable: Taking Steps Towards Eco-Friendly Solutions

We're taking steps to support a more sustainable future with our brand new DNA Sustainable Collections. Products built for the planet by the people with a mission for our footprints to have less of an impact on our beloved environment by offering an alternative to our customers that: 

  • REDUCE: By using organic materials, we reduce the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers.
  • REUSE: We upcycle textiles, garments and plastic bottles in our products that would otherwise be treated as waste.
  • REPRESENT: Our eco-friendly footwear gives new life and new value to recycled and organic materials. 

The #ReduceReuseRepresent initiative was first started in our stores in 2012 when we introduced our canvas shopping bags, offering a 10% discount to all returning customers who reuse their DNA Footwear bags on their next shop. It's safe to say that in 7 years we've saved hundreds of thousands of single-use bags with this simple integration. We absolutely love seeing our customers representing around the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn with our shopping bags at grocery stores and putting them to use. We're now taking it a step further...

Recognizing there is still much more to be done in the footwear and fashion industries for building a more sustainable marketplace we are inspired as a brand to become more educated and begin to take the necessary steps towards innovating our products and production.

At the DNA Sustainable blog you will find educational, inspiring and real-life easy to integrate resources so that we can take those small steps to help take care of our planet together. 

Be the first to wear our very first sustainable collection, coming to the site soon! Stay tuned